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The Claude Maurer Gallery was born after many long years of artistic
Creation, extensive research and exchanges with the greatest North American and European collectors and merchants of African, modern and contemporary art. Over the course of these explorations, Claude has acquired an impressive collection of works.

Claude Maurer – artist and connaisseur of art- regularly explores the major museums, art galleries, and important art centers of the world. He also takes part in numerous special events around the world. Over time, he has developed inestimable knowledge and has refined his expertise so that he can seriously help the art lovers in their search for unique objects.

This long period of work to refine his artistic sense as well as his eye was essential to ensure the right selection and presentation of great works of art, which in spite of their various origins, media and epochs, all have the singular power to burst forth and become an integral part of a coherent whole.

He now wishes to share his passion with all people who love great art and who wish to refine their quality of life through the contemplation of beauty. Claudette Houde, his partner and companion, shares with him this adventure and the relentless search for works of inordinate quality.

The gallery offers personalized consultation services in the areas of acquisition and expertise concerning African, modern or contemporary art.

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